idoorbellIf you’ve ever gone on a long vacation (or hidden from someone at least once in your life) there’s a chance you’ll find high-tech doorbells useful.

A new device called iDoorCam, in particular, claims to be able to notify you via iPhone or iPad whenever there’s someone at your door even if you’re not at home.

It should sound familiar because we’ve seen a similar technology called DoorBot in 2012. Like DoorBot, iDoorCam’s camera-equipped device connects to your home internet through WiFi and attaches to your existing doorbell power wires.

It shows a video of your visitors to all connected iOS gadgets, and you can even talk with them, assuming it’s not a crazy ex or a pushy solicitor. iDoorCam’s website has yet accept preorders for the $165 system, but those first in line could get their devices as soon as October.


Credit: engadget