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The Elf Electric Pedal Car runs on 1 Horsepower

Elf pedal carjpgThe Elf is an electric pedal car powered by a 1-hp (750-watt) electric motor in the rear wheel hub and a lithium battery pack.

Created by Rob Cotter A Former performance engineer and top-gun tuner with Porsche, Mercedes-Benz and BMW, He is the founder and CEO of the Durham, N.C.-based Organic Transit, which makes the Elf.


With a 1-hp (750-watt) electric motor in the rear wheel hub and a lithium battery pack, or two, snugged into the center frame rail aft of the front wheels—and a plastic canopy to keep the weather off drivers—the Elf proposes a solution for urban commuters who want to leave the car at home but can’t quite hack the rigors of a conventional bicycle.

“We’re creating our own consumer product category,” said Mr. Cotter.

The company has 1,500 orders in hand—more than enough to reach profitability, said Mr. Cotter, a TED talker who Kickstarted much of the original funding—and soon the company’s retinue of bike gurus and production staff (including some volunteers) will be moving to larger quarters downtown.

The Elf’s capacity is 350 pounds; top assisted speed is 20 mph (it goes faster downhill); and the 10-amp-hour batteries offer a range of up to 30 miles, but the batteries last longer the more riders pedal. It takes one whole sunny day to charge a fully depleted battery with 60-watt roof-mounted solar panels.

Source: Wall Street Journal

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