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SanDisk Expands in Africa with Mitsumi

SanDisk, a global leader in flash memory, has signed a distribution deal with Mitsumi, one of the largest and fastest growing IT distributors in Africa.

Mitsumi will distribute to 22 countries in Africa including Kenya, Tanzania, Ghana, Tunisia, Morocco, Mozambique, Zambia and Namibia.

“The partnership will strengthen our position in the African storage market,” said Sreedhar Sreekumar, SanDisk Regional Sales Manager Middle East & Africa. “Africa is a growing emerging market and represents great potential for SanDisk. We are excited to partner with Mitsumi and to see SanDisk grow throughout the continent. Our partnership with Mitsumi reinforces our objective to expand our product reach in Africa.”

The deal follows the rise of smartphones in Africa. Smartphone growth in Africa has increased by 43% every year since 2000.

“Mitsumi is delighted to be associated with a pioneering technology company like SanDisk that has impacted people’s digital lives,” said Mitesh Shah Managing Director at MITSUMI Distribution “Mitsumi with its pan–Africa presence and width of distribution is excited to work with a dynamic brand like SanDisk and grow the SanDisk flash business to its potential in the captive and emerging markets of Africa.”

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