Police had summoned the blogger for questioning over alleged abuse of the Kenya Information and Communication Act.

Provincial CID office stated that it  received a complaint from government spokesman Alfred Mutua and Communication Commission of Kenya that Robert Alai has been abusing sections of the Act.

Nairobi PCIO Nicholas Kamwende said they want Alai to clarify some issues he has been highlighting on Twitter and other channels.

“We summoned him on Thursday and we hope to see him probably and latest Tuesday . He has violated sections 26, 29 and 30 of the Act and we feel he should come and tell us more,” said Kamwende.

He wrote on twitter, “Alfred Mutua ordered for the execution of G.P. Oulu and Oscar King’ara calling them Mungiki. He wants to do the same to me. #Justice4Karen

Some of the tweets highlighted were, “0721240443 is Alfred Mutua’s number he is using to threaten me. FOOLISH PIG is drunk with power. #Justice4Karen

The foolish government spokesman called Alfred Mutua now threatens me and tells me that he will deal with me. #Justice4Karen #Women Leadership

Earlier this year, Alai famously caused CNN to apologise after they mis-reported a story on Kenya.