The look we get at Black Ops II‘s multiplayer in this trailer isn’t too terribly long – the video comes in at just over 2 minutes long – but there’s enough footage to get a good feel for the mode. Surprisingly enough, the multiplayer found in Black Ops II does look quite a bit different from the multiplayer in otherCall of Duty games, but then again, we suppose it would have to be considering that Black Ops II is set in the year 2025.


This means that there will be new, futuristic weapons to use, including a turret called the Guardian that uses heat to drive foes back, and the Dragonfire helicopter, which you can remotely control to defeat your enemies from a safe distance. We also get a glimpse at the A.G.R. mech, which packs a lot of firepower into a smaller, remote controlled package. There are also a few surprises that we’ll let you discover on your own, so give the trailer a watch below:

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