On the G|Day events, Googlers get to interact with local communities in respective countries, including developers, business leaders, and entrepreneurs “who are passionate about (Google) technology”.

In 2011, the g|Day developer and business conference visited Senegal, Ghana, Nigeria, Cameroon, Uganda, Kenya, South Africa, and Angola.

“Over the year, business professionals, entrepreneurs, and marketers have explored innovative technologies to get online and to serve their business needs. Developers and webmasters have had an in-depth look in Android, Chrome, App Engine, Maps, Webmaster Tools, and more,” wrote Melina Mattos, Google Africa’s Program Manager on Google Africa Blog.

g|Day events have been criticized as often turning out to be methods the internet giant uses to sell its products to emerging markets.

Darlyne, Timothy and Elijah Bee
Registration is now open for these free events on G-Tanzania and G-Ethiopia pages. Let us know what your experience is!