British Airways Tests iPads To Improve In-Flight Customer Service

Traditionally (and currently, for the most part), in-flight customer service is managed using a “long scroll of paper, listing up to 337 customers,” the company’s 


The iPads will mitigate the need for paper seating charts and will give flight attendants more information about individual travelers. And because British Airways flights are equipped with wireless 3G networks, the information stored on the devices can be updated mid-flight.

One hundred crew members have tested the iPads and have given positive reviews. The company aims to distribute iPads to all senior crew members across the airline in the coming months.


Airlines are becoming increasingly tech savvy on the consumer end — offering  free in-flight Facebook access, LivingSocial deals, Foursquare tie-ins and social media customer service to travelers — but British Airways’ move to focus on enhancing its flight crew’s access to tech gadgets is a less common step in the right direction

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