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Nokia Siemens trusts the power of Nigeria


“With 3G only just getting off the ground – Internet penetration, still far from its peak, and over 30% yet to get a mobile device – the country has enormous potentials.”

“We see Nigeria as a country with great opportunity for growth for operators, suppliers and consumers. This makes Nigeria extremely attractive for Nokia Siemens to be part of that evolution and economic revolution that is unfolding,” says Diliani.

Diliani indicated that Nokia Siemens is deploying its most up-to-date solutions to its CSP (Communications Service Provider) customers in Nigeria.

Base stations

“Flexi base stations represent one of the technological areas in point, where Nigeria is getting the best. Five years ago, the base station was the size of a big fridge. Nokia Siemens came up with the first actual micro base station. We shrunk it to the size of two VCRs by integrating the different circuit parts into a single pack of chips.”

“We have now moved on to make the Flexi more energy friendly. So, from 800 kilowatts per hour, we have also shrunk it to 400 kilowatts per hour. This is a big factor to the operators in their rural deployment programmers,” says Diliani.

Micowave and fibre transmission networks

“From this specialised perspective, Nigeria will be on par with the developed world as the same calibre of technology is being deployed,” Diliani concludes.

Source: itnewsafrica

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