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Training To Become A Professional Ethical Hacker!?


Why should you attend this course?

You’ve heard of courses that claim to make you an ethical hacker, but what’s the definition of a ‘hacker’? A ‘hacker’ is someone who goes into the depths of any system, and tries to understand how things actually work, not just someone who runs a bunch of scripts from the Internet to try and break into systems.

One of the greatest USPs of the CPH course is that it is built by experts who do penetration testing on a regular basis. Led by K. K. Mookhey, who is the founder of one of India’s leading information security firms – Network Intelligence. He has authored books on Linux Security and Metasploit Framework, and numerous articles on, and other sites. He has presented at prestigious conferences such as Blackhat USA, Interop, IT Underground, and others. Read his full profile here. Also, since it is build by practitioners in the field, it also happens to be regularly updated with the latest tools, techniques, and real-world scenarios.

In fact, the lab setup for the course itself is the single-most important reason to attend the course. Where else can you actually launch attacks, see the packet flows, analyze them, tweak your attacks, and get to break into systems that have been set up to create levels of challenges and hone your skills.

Who should attend this course?

Anyone looking to build a career in information security, or if you’re someone who’s already in this field, but want to learn the Professional concepts of hacking, then this is the course for you. It simply will not get more practical and more hands-on than this. Instead of burdening you with huge amount of courseware, and hundreds of tools, the CPH course focuses on the real-world practical tools and techniques of hacking.

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