The conference, Organized by PearlRichards Foundation, Ghana was themed – “My Dream for Ghana”. The objective of GGC 2010 is to explore the contributions to socio-economic development in Ghana (and Africa) from the perspective of undergraduate and postgraduate scholars and/or scholars in the early years of their professional careers. It provided be a space for discourse and debate on novel approaches to building a better Africa.
The audience that attended included students, faculty, educators and government agencies concerned with education and business development.
Speaking at the launch, Founder and Executive Director, Albert Mucunguzi explained that PC Tech is not a publication that is limited by national boundaries.
“Today we’ve launched here in Accra, and months from now, you’ll see us on the news-stands in Johannesburg,” he said.
When asked the secret to the rapid growth, Mr. Mucunguzi explained that PC Tech is run alongside other “societyempowerment” initiatives.
“When we launched in Uganda, we introduced the ‘Educate’ initiative, and we’ve been busy donating magazines to Ugandan Schools. Through Digital Learning Africa, we’ve created a platform for academic sharing by both students and educators,” he explained.
“Our job now is to consolidate these initiatives, as well as expand our scope to cover more African countries.