While it is commonly used to refer to the magazine, PC Tech is a trademark of PC Tech Communications, a company registered with limited liability in Uganda.

PC Tech Magazine is a monthly technology magazine that was debuted in February 2010, which, to-date has grown to become a major force in technology circles, being the only MONTHLY magazine on technology. It runs content geared at facilitating both the understanding and application of technology in business processes in Africa, which makes Technology education a core objective.

To even achieve its education objective faster, the PC Tech “Educate” initiative has been launched. Through this initiative, the company donates 5 magazine per month to 20 schools and institutions of higher learning across Uganda. This initiative primarily focusses on Uganda but will be expanded to other countries around the African continent in the coming months.

So far, institutions under this programme include: African College of Commerce, Makerere University Business School, St. Lawrence University, Kigezi College Butobere,  and Kigezi High School.

Members of the PC Tech “Educate” initiative will also be able to participate in an on-line interraction, in which they can discuss ICT-related topics, and engage in knowledge sharing.

In addition to the above, PC Tech Communications engages in Workshops and seminars organized periodically, in which key speakers are selected from all around the world. This has been made possible by our partnerships with some of the leading ICT Research initiatives in the world, including The PearlRichards Foundation which has been our partner since March 2010.