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Visa’s Everywhere Initiative Expands into Sub-Saharan Africa

Visa’s Everywhere Initiative is set to expand into Sub-Saharan Africa, extending the global programme that tasks start-ups to solve commerce challenges, enhance their own...

What are the benefits of using infrared heating panels

Have you ever experienced the heat spread by an infrared panel? Are you curious to see what it is and what does it feel...
Standard Chartered Bank Launches its First-Ever Digital Bank in Africa.

Standard Chartered Bank Launches its First-Ever Digital Bank in Africa

Standard Chartered Bank has on Friday announced the official launch of its digital bank in Cote d’Ivoire. This marks the Bank’s first digital bank...

Android Wear officially rebranded to Wear OS

Google has officially changed the name of its smartwatch platform from Android Wear to Wear OS. Google confirmed on their official blog that "Wear OS...
DHL Express Sub-Saharan Africa. (Photo Courtesy)

African Businesses Should Embrace Cross-Border eCommerce – DHL

Cross border eCommerce continues to provide significant growth opportunities for retailers and manufacturers with an international online product offering. According to a 2017 DHL report,...