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Best Strategy and MOBA Games for Mobile and Tablets

When the mobile strategy game Clash of Clans became a billion-dollar success story, there was no shortage of app developers trying to create titles...
A team from NITA Uganda and Mulago Hospital officials pose for a picture.

NITA Uganda to Aid Mulago National Referral Hospital Implement IHMS

A team from the National Information Authority Uganda (NITA Uganda) visited Mulago on National referral hospital on Wednesday to assess needs of the hospital...

NITA-U Responds to Overpriced Internet Charges for Government MDAs, Other Accusations

Underfire IT Authority, NITA-U has responded to the various accusations that are being thrown around the media, notably that it is charging Government Ministries, Departments...
MyMTN app.

MyMTN App Reaches 72,000 Downloads

MTN Uganda's self-care mobile and awarding winning application; MyMTN app - revamped in January this year has reached over 72,000 downloads. The upgrade is to...
DeiPlaces in Kenya.

DeiPlaces Launches in Kenya

Following their success launch in Uganda last year, Dei Technologies on Tuesday announced the launch of DeiPlaces in Kenya. A new platform to help...