Google makes changes to Image Search: Now displays up to 1000 images per page

google_images_new_lookGoogle took the wraps off a new look for Google Images Search on Tuesday, putting up to 1,000 images on the first results page and implementing a new image-based ad format.

Over half of African Countries to fail to beat deadline for transition to...

According to new research from Balancing Act, over half of Africa's 52 countries are unlikely to make the 2015 deadline set by the ITU for the transition to digital broadcasting.

29 countries appear to have not yet even started the policy and implementation process and although 2015 is four and half years away, the time remains tight to complete the process. Russell Southwood looks at the scale of the challenge facing the laggards in the field.


How technology can help spread literacy

John_WoodWith over 10,000 libraries opened worldwide and 7.4 million books already distributed to children in its 10 years, Room to Read -- a nonprofit that promotes global literacy -- aspires to curb the staggering figure of 759 million illiterate adults living in emerging nations.


The Robot Surgeon

By Buzaabo Joran

Over the past decade, we have experienced high technological developments in health care service provision that even the most delicate and complex parts of the human body can now be operated remotely through Tele-health care solutions where a doctor could be I another country/ location but uses teleconferencing technology to carry out a medical procedure in another location. Today, I am introducing to you, yet another mind boggling medical technology inform of robotic neurosurgery. A robotic neurosurgeon (machine) integrates human knowledge to carry out a head operation, both major and minor surgeries with the result that, its efficiency is greater than that of human doctors.

Sample Nokia E95

Nokia E95

Sample Nokia E95

A gorgeous outlook and high-tech functions are literally breathing from Nokia E65. Yet, is it really so brilliant to be worth the investment?



Information Technology To Helps Farmers

farmMayuge district has 31,000 farming families served by just nine agricultural extension workers. In Wainha village, an internet centre run by the Busoga Rural Open Source and Development Initiative is more than filling the gap in assisting farmers. Joseph Wangolo is still mesmerised by the computers, six years after he first saw one. "That thing is so clever it will give you information about anything. It knows even our village, can you imagine?" he says. 

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