Internet has radically changed the way we communicate. We can now interact with people across the world we may never meet in person.

Internet is indeed a great way to talk to people in Uganda around the world; but with this new form of communication comes new concerns.

dennisPioneering computer scientist Dennis Ritchie  died after a long illness.

Dr Ritchie was one of the creators of the hugely influential Unix operating system and the equally pioneering C programming language.

NigeriaThe Evecutive Vice Chairman of the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), Dr Eugene Juwah, ordered mobile telecommunications service providers to reduce telephone tariffs so that subscribers can enjoy the dividends of the telecomunications revolution.

Speaking at the 1Oth anniversary of telecom revolution and 8th year of Telecom Consumer Parliament, which held yesterday in Lagos, the regulator said what was happening was that while interconnect rates which are wholesale rates have gone down, telecom operators have not passed the retail rates down to the telecom susbscribers.

digital-mThe introduction of broadcasting services in Uganda dates as far back as 1952 when the government first started radio broadcasting services and later in 1963 introduced television broadcasting services. The broadcasting services were based on analogue technology. Download white paper

Until the early 1990s when the broadcasting sector was liberalized, broadcasting services were a sole monopoly of the Government.

womenThe rapid growth of the ICT market in Uganda has been greeted with optimism over its potential to boost the country’s development. But less attention is being paid to the increase in gender based violence due to the use of information and communications technology.

Uganda has one of the fastest-growing ICT markets in the East Africa region, with mobile phone use in particular expanding quickly.

e-paymentsUganda-With the development of ICT sector in Uganda, the Ugandan market has become more competitive with telecom companies using the new innovations to bring more customers on board.

Mobile telecom operators in Uganda are now exploiting the internet and data platform which is expected to become a cash cow for the industry in the near future.

schoolOne of the key issues hindering the health sector in the country is lack of medical personnel.

Thanks to a new e-learning programme, the training of health personnel has received a much-needed boost that could see the number of professionals increase.

vetaStarting January next year the Vocational Education and Training Authority (VETA) will start offering Information and Communication Technology (ICT) courses at its new ICT centre of excellence located at Kipawa suburb in the city.

Education and Vocational Training Minister, Dr Shukuru Kawambwa, visited the state of the art centre in Dar es Salaam and urged the Ilala Municipal Council to grant more land to the facility to enable it expand its premises.

downWhile millions of BlackBerry users  struggle to come to terms with the fact that their access to the BlackBerry Internet Service has been interrupted for a third straight day, notoriously shy Research In Motion  issued a statement regarding the latest outage.

atmThe production of visa chip cards in Rwanda has gained momentum with SIMTEL hinting they are in the final stages of the project.

"We are in talks with banks,"Sigrid Bruch, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) SIMTEL said.

SIMTEL a consortium owned by both government and the private sector which is operating the national payment system in Rwanda.