huawei-ideosWe’ve already covered Huawei’s $100 Android IDEOS phone, which has quickly become a 2011 smartphone bestseller in Kenya.

Huawei recently partnered with Nigerian CDMA operator, Starcomms to launch the smartphone in the Nigerian market. With over 90 million phone subscribers, Nigeria is a prime market in which to launch the IDEOS and help migrate current feature and low end phone users to smart phones.

black-hat-hackersEveryone loves a bad-guy-gone-good story, and these black hat hackers who went from lives of crime to corporate nine-to-fives epitomize that genre.

Let’s first make an important distinction: Hackers are not criminals. In fact, “hacker” is a term of high praise in the developer community. But when a hacker is dubbed a “black hat,” it means he or she has broken laws in the pursuit of hacking — perhaps even that he or she has done so for personal gain.

daseThe government yesterday begun implementing a computerised financial management system that will enable the Ministry of Local Government to track all transactions carried out up to the lowest levels of government.

 The Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Local Government, Mr John Kashaka Muhanguzi, said the project named the Tier 2 Integrated Financial Management System (IFMS) will initially be rolled out to 26 local governments.

bctaThree million poor people in Africa and South Asia, the majority of them women, will gain access to low-cost mobile phone numbers as part of technology firm Movirtu's partnership with the United Nations-backed initiative that enlists the private sector in efforts to fight poverty.

Instead of sharing a phone number with family members or neighbours, those provided with a Movirtu cloud phone number will be able to use any mobile phone to log in with their own unique number to make and receive individual calls and access critical information and services such as banking or agriculture support.

rebecca_rUK student Rebecca Rickwood has won a global competition to find the best user of Microsoft's spreadsheet software, Excel 2007.

Rebecca, who is 15, was one of 228,000 competitors from 57 countries. She beat 78 students in the final round.

gifGONE are the days when everything that had to be read was only found in printed books tucked away somewhere in the library or bookstore.

With the advent of the computer, for some people especially in the education world, it is no longer necessary to storm libraries or bookstores for text books.

rugundaUganda’s ICT Minister Ruhakana Rugunda told a meeting on information technology in the country that Ugandans should invest in the technology sector in order to improve the country’s economy.

Analysts on Wednesday hailed the ministers comments-

rangeOrange Uganda  awarded the best students of Makerere Faculty of ICT and the School of Engineering who came up with the best mobile applications in the agricultural, education and health sectors that would have economic potential and would in turn benefit their communities

The winning application was Mobile Scheduling System which was developed by Davis Agaba, Nicholas Mpanga and Sharlotte Andinda.

wi_fiYesterday’s numeric date — 8.02.11 — resembles the name for the earliest set of standards for Wi-Fi: 802.11. And to no one’s surprise, the similarity  inspired netizens to declare Tuesday “Wi-Fi Day.”

Advances in Wi-Fi use continue to emerge: For example, HP unveiled a Wi-Fi mouse earlier this year.

crazyThere is a sickness in our society, an epidemic with mammoth proportions, a disease that is eating away everything good that we had, a bug that is feeding on our common sense, a virus that is attacking all our nerves that dealt with sensitivity and thoughtfulness.

This ailment is spreading like wild fire, it is burning everything in its way, young and old alike, educated or illiterate, rich and poor, no one can escape its wrath! Interesting enough, this plague is man-made and while it is known that human beings run away from problems, it seems this certain one pulls people even closer, like a candle pretending to provide light and warmth but leading the moth to its death once it gets closer.