networksNokia Siemens Networks on launched Liquid Net, a new broadband delivery , which allows an operator to set up its network to self-adapt to meet capacity and coverage requirements based on demand.

The new approach also aims to significantly improve the quality of broadband services worldwide.

cloudCloud computing basically means doing less with your computer and doing more in the cloud – on the internet. Organisations are jumping on the cloud train at a very fast rate. The cloud is moving in diverse ways, from cloud based apps like Google docs to Software as a Service (SaaS) applications like Sales Force.

In 2008, US presidential candidate Barack Obama broke the  ground by using social media in ways never seen before.

Yet it was Goodluck Jonathan, the recently elected president of Nigeria, who took the extraordinary step of announcing his bid for the highest office on Facebook.

NigeriaEvery September 13 was set aside by the African Union to commemorate the African Day for Technology and Intellectual Property (IP).

Nigeria joined the rest of Africa to celebrate this day, which indicates the great importance it and other African nations place on science and technology.

redcrossTwenty years ago fax machines were almost everywhere, but today most people would be hard-pressed to recite their company’s fax number. Soon they’ll probably go the way of the telegraph, becoming dusty museum pieces. Communications technology is changing rapidly, and humanitarian organisations are adapting alongside it.

kenya Kenya became the first country in Africa to launch a national open data initiative.

There have been many people pushing for this, over many months, and it’s been an exciting process to watch unfold. Foremost amongst the drivers on this has been Dr. Bitange Ndemo, the Permanent Secretary of Information and Communications.

AlexaWe took a look at Alexa's top-ranked websites for Uganda, and below is the list of the top 10 Ugandan websites.

We need to mention, however, that this is by no means an absolute reflection of the surfing habits of Ugandans, as most of the top-viewed websites are international sites like Google, Facebook, and You Tube. 

This, however, is a fair illustration for those wondering who contributes what to local content in Uganda.

mobile_techMobile phone technology has revolutionized the African continent in so many ways. The mobile phone has been for many an African the first real (or at the very least, most sophisticated) computing device they have encountered that has connected them in a significant manner to other people across borders and across time, hence becoming a significant game changer in the dynamics of this continent – socially, economically and politically.

w8In the interest of generating as much excitement as possible for its new Windows 8 operating system, Microsoft has made the Developer Preview of the new OS available for all to download on its site.

The DP is available in three different versions. A package with developer tools, just the developer preview alone and one that runs on 32-bit computers.

AmazonAmazon is in talks with book publishers about launching a digital book rental service in a similar vein to the popular movie offering Netflix, according to reports.

The service, which is expected to only be available in the US at first, would see customers pay an annual fee for access to a library of ebooks, writes The Wall Street Journal.