Nairobi, KENYA - For many years, as a continent that had managed to keep its electricity prices fairly low, African businesses did not place the same focus on energy consumption and efficiency as companies situated elsewhere in the world. Now, we're finding that local CIOs have to work closer than ever before with facilities managers to better understand consumption and close the gap between facilities and business.

So says Jonathan Duncan, director for the Central and North East Africa region at APC by Schneider Electric, who believes that these two areas, which were seen as very much separate in the past, are now blending together.

bbc-520x245Perceptive Media is still being discussed by members of BBC’s Research Department. It is a form of TV - TV made to suit ones interests and or tastes. This is as a result of Social Media. It is a result of watching of hackers and early adapters during the BBC Backstage days and spotting where the trends will lead. And a result Perceptive Media is being birthed. The concept was revealed on February 7th at the Social Media Café Manchester.

e-learningNew Delhi: As part of three day Convocation of Amity University, Uttar Pradesh, Amity Centre of e- Learning held "Convocation- Virtual Degree Distribution Ceremony" on December 16, 2011 overseas graduands enrolled under Pan African e- Network Project.

The Virtual Convocation took place for 136 graduands enrolled under five programmes- MBA- International Business, MBA- Finance and Control, Post Graduate Diploma in IT, Diploma in IT and Diploma in Business Administration at different venues across five Nations including Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi, Ghana, Botswana College of Distance and Opn Learning, Botswana, University of Malawi, Malawi, Mekerere University, Uganda and Kigali Institute of Education, Rwanda.

sim_regYou will not be able to use your sim card to make or receive any phone calls as well as text messages if your card is not registered by 2013.

Uganda Communications Commission passed the order on Monday in a statement issued to Daily Monitor in which they announced a sim card registration exercise for all nationals set to begin March 1, next year.

The exercise seeks to check the use of mobile phone numbers for illegal activities, phone theft, unsolicited/hate and threat messages among others.

Dell-logoDELL, a leading Technology Company, has struck a partnership deal with Mitsumi Computer Ghana for the distribution of its computer hardware, software and accessories on the Ghanaian market, Ghana Business News reports.

Officials of the company announced this during a meeting on Wednesday with the company’s clients in Accra to introduce them to new equipment that the company had outdoored.

Visa_cardsOn Dec. 6 the giant payment processing company Visa Inc launched a partnership with the Rwandan government to drive the country’s payment system from a cash-based economy to a cashless one driven by electronic payments.

Dubbed the ‘Charter of Collaboration’, the partnership between the US-based company and the Rwanda Development Board (RDB), which signed the agreement on behalf of Rwanda’s highly ICT-driven government, will serve as the platform for a new, more efficient banking economy,reports The Independent.

IDGovernment yesterday assured legislators that all Ugandans by 2013 will have national Identity cards, contrary to earlier contradicting communications.

Junior Minister of ICT, Nyombi Thembo, together with Internal Affairs Permanent Secretary Dr Stephen Kagoda told the Parliament committee on ICT that the company procured to make, supply and distribute the cards would finalize three years from now without fail.

mswordLong before computers gave up optimum productivity in exchange for social networking, media streaming, gaming and many other unproductive practices, they have been utilized for usefulness, designed as a machine made to simplify tasks and produce beautiful output.

Top of the world most used software is Microsoft Word. The programme is overloaded with seemingly countless features hidden under a bevy of menus and tabs.

IDInfighting between the Ministry of Internal Affairs, ICT Ministry and MPs is causing the delay in producing and issuing of the national IDs.

The Daily Monitor investigation reveals that the struggle over management and control of the project follows a vague letter by President Museveni in 2009 directing that Internal Affairs ministry to lead the project but that the Secretariat be shifted to the ICT Ministry.

E-HealthHealth officials are calling on the Government to speed up legal, access, and digital signature policies to scale up e-health programs in the country.

Speaking at the just concluded e-health summit in Nairobi, the experts drawn from different parts of the world said without commitment from the Government, emerging health innovations might not benefit Kenyans.