gsmNigeria recently celebrated 10 years of GSM, which many believe has affected the lives of most Nigerians in positive ways. Daily Trust spoke with some "Umbrella People" in Lagos and Abuja and they revealed how the technology is helping them to earn their living.

For Abdullah Ilyasu, the only good thing that happened in the country in the last ten years is the successful take off of GSM telephony.

spaceThe presidential campaign underway in Cameroon has brought with it a new era whereby candidates are harnessing the Internet to help them reach new frontiers.

"Please subscribe to the electoral roll", "Vote for Ayah Paul"; are the kinds of messages Cameroonians have been receiving electronically for the past three months.

cablesKenya will soon be hooked to its fourth undersea fibre-optic cable following the laying of the France Telecom-funded Lower Indian Ocean Network 2 (LION2), The Standard reported online.

The ship laying the LION2 arrived in Mombasa, Kenya on 30 August 2011, marking the completion of the actual cable laying.

spyINTERNET spies have hacked into the email of ICC witnesses. Two witnesses under protection abroad confirmed yesterday that some of their emails had leaked and their confidential information was being circulated by some individuals.

The hackers have now been able to identify the witnesses putting their security at risk.

social_mediaWith today’s business environment defined by stiff competition, companies’ quest to create and maintain a positive image is an uphill task especially when dealing with tech-savvy customers.

Just one negative remark on the social media or the blogosphere and a company’s image is hurt. The cost of undoing the damage can sometimes be enormous hence the need for timely intervention.

ss_flag1In case you missed it, July 9th 2011 is the date a new country is welcomed into the world.

Back in February, southern Sudan voted overwhelmingly in favor of independence from Sudan, with 99% of the population opting to split Africa’s biggest country in two.

PADDAndroid on the HP TouchPad has hit a bump as the TouchDroid team that was porting the Google operating system to the tablet has called it quits, according to a report and a post on a TouchDroid-related Web page.

The TouchPad became a hot item when it was fire-saled by HP.

memorial-appFacebook, in collaboration with The National September 11 Memorial & Museum, will ask members to update their profile photos or dedicate their statuses in remembrance of the victims who lost their lives on Sept. 11, 2001.

The 9/11 Memorial application, built by Facebook app maker Involver, was released Wednesday, just days ahead of the tenth anniversary of the tragic attacks.

Sifiso-DabengwaMTN is opposed to President Museveni’s idea of telecoms selling some of their shares to Ugandans through the domestic stock market, according to Mr Sifiso Dabengwa, the group’s president and CEO.

“You go to capital markets for capital reasons not for regulatory reasons. You can have a political view about listing but listing is fundamentally a corporate finance decision,” Mr Dabengwa said at a news conference in Kampala on Wednesday.

huawei-ideosWe’ve already covered Huawei’s $100 Android IDEOS phone, which has quickly become a 2011 smartphone bestseller in Kenya.

Huawei recently partnered with Nigerian CDMA operator, Starcomms to launch the smartphone in the Nigerian market. With over 90 million phone subscribers, Nigeria is a prime market in which to launch the IDEOS and help migrate current feature and low end phone users to smart phones.