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Digital dump: Ghana chocking with e-waste following donations from the West

Ghana_E-wastelandThe information-technology revolution has made us smarter, faster, and more globally savvy. It has also seeped poison.

On the outskirts of Accra lies the Agbogbloshie slum—one of Ghana’s largest electronics-waste dumps. Amid black smoke and the stench of burning plastic, a mountain of abandoned motherboards, computer monitors, and hard drives litters the landscape. It is no wonder the locals call it “Sodom and Gomorrah.”


Five Gadgets [released] ahead of their time


Apple Matrix

In recent years Apple's profits have soared on wave after wave of portable devices, but the company owes much of its current success to a failed PDA launched in 1993 during some of Apple's leanest times.

Despite its groundbreaking design, touchscreen with handwriting recognition, and internal modem add-on, the Newton's $700 price tag and notoriously buggy software led to years of slow sales (and an infamous reference on The Simpsons).

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