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As part of the "Educate" initiative, we shall be publishing articles from of students from various schools and institutions of higher learning.  The following article is written by a student of Ntare School, who also happens to be the president of the Computer Club at that school. Click here to read...
PC_Tech_team_with_Francis_-_AppLabWe are priviledged to announce the release of the 5th (July) Issue of PC Tech Magazine.

This issue features the report from the research study conducted in Uganda by the International Centre for Information Technology and Devlopment (ICITD), USA, in collaboration with Makerere University Business School and PC Tech Communications.

The Case of AppLab Uganda

A phone screen showing part of the response to a text sent to 6001

This paper explores the preliminary lessons in the use of mobile phones to promote access to health care information in Uganda. The project under study is the AppLab Uganda Project which operates a Health Tips application, educating users on sexual and reproductive health.Data was collected through in-depth interviews with project developers, partners, medical practitioners and participants involved in the pilot study of the project. Findings tend to suggest the need to access healthinformation via mobile text messages is mediated by cost incentives, immediacy of information, and content presentation. There are questions concerning the appropriateness of text messaging as compared to using voice calls access health information. These issues have implications on the objectives of the health care project and the individual strategies of project partners. Preliminary conclusions emphasize the need to add ‘fun’ and instant rewards to accessing information to sustain interest of potential users.

Hewlett-Packard Co. began taking preorders Monday for its MediaSmart Server, the first system from a major manufacturer powered by Microsoft Corp.'s Windows Home Server (WHS) software.

MediaSmart, which won't ship until later this month, is priced at US$599 with 500GB of storage, or $749 with a terabyte of disk space. Those prices were identical to the listings leaked by Amazon.com in late August.

proposed_coverPC Tech is delighted to announce the release of the 5th Issue of the magazine. This issue features a special report from the research study carried out by PC Tech Magazine in collaboration with the International Center for Information Technology Development (ICITD), USA and Makerere University Business School (MUBS).

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June 2010 CoverPC Tech announced the release of the fourth Issue on June 01st. Addressing Journalists at the PC Tech Office in Kampala, Uganda, the Executive Director, Albert Mucunguzi stated that there have been major changes in the layout of the publication, specifically explaining that the red color on the cover has been scrapped.

This development marks the fourth milestone for the young publication, which started just over four months ago. It has been received with great excitement, especially among students in Universities and Higher institutions of Learning around the East African region.

Sony PSP

The shape of the console is virtually unchanged, but the Slim and Lite is 33 percent lighter and 19 percent slimmer than the original version.


  1. Sony PSP Slim and Lite Console
  2. 64MB Internal Memory
  3. AC Adapter

The Slim and Lite weighs in at approximately 189g compared to the weight of the original PSP which is approximately 280g and measures approximately only 18.6mm in thickness compared to approximately 23.0mm.

The addition of video-out functionality enables you to watch high quality UMD Video, pictures and movies from your Memory Stick Duo, on your TV (please note: cable not included). Using a progressive scan TV and PSP specific cable you can also output gameplay.

Also, the PSP Slim and Lite is equipped with enhanced features that will temporarily store game data from UMD, reducing load time during gameplay. Moreover, the ability to now charge the unit via a USB cable connected to PS3 or PC makes this new model even more mobile and accessible.

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HP can make some decent computers but gaming really isn’t their forte. The HP Pavilion Elite HPE-180t is their highest-end computer available. You can customize it and make it a little more beefy but not like any of the gaming specific companies. For the price you pay you get a machine that should handle most games on the higher graphics settings but some you may have to turn down the detail a bit.