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telAirtel International has registered a 38.6 per cent growth in revenue for the first quarter ended June 30.

In a press statement released on Wednesday, the telecommunications firm's said its revenue increased from $2.62 billion to $3.79 billion as of June 30, 2011.

html5Wora is an acronym coined by Sun Microsystems more than a decade ago to describe the benefits of a new programming language it created called Java.

At the time, every compiled programming language needed to be recompiled on every platform you wanted to run it on, often with particular fixes to handle the idiosyncrasies of different operating systems.

nextIf you’ve not yet had a security problem with your website then you’re either very skilled or you’re very lucky. Across the world, there were 1.5 million successful website attacks in 2010 alone.

Of those, SQL injections accounted for between 30 and 40 percent of the damage done.

internet_iqA story claiming Internet Explorer users have a lower IQ than those of other web browsers was a hoax, according to reports.

Research by a company called AptiQuant, a Canadian firm, which purported to show that IE users were of below average intelligence, was reported by several major news outlets.


Matthew Green, a 40-year old father who was dying from heart failure, received a plastic implant during a 6-hour operation last month.

The device is powered by a “freedom portable driver” and is worn like a backpack or a shoulder bag. The artificial heart serves to replace the role of both ventricles and heart valves, providing a blood flow of up to 9.5 litres, and is seen as a temporary measure until a suitable donor can be found for a patient.

invest1The African continent has attracted numerous international investors seeking new business deals across the continent. 

Africa is being promoted as the next global technology hub and the continent is said to be on the brink of unprecedented growth and prosperity.

software-developmentSouth Africa, Johannesburg: MTN is challenging the developer community from around the world to come forward with innovative apps which are inspired by the realities of Africa and the Middle East.

By launching the apps competition, MTN is opening its innovative scope to the wider developer community in a bid to speed up the adoption of data-enabled technologies - especially those that feature digital content developed with the African and Middle Eastern user in mind.

nokiaWith smartphone sales dwindling and both Apple and Samsung now selling more smartphone devices worldwide, Nokia has announced that it has reconsidered how it names its devices and will now label each of its devices with a numerical model, dropping the one-letter prefixes completely.

Previously, Nokia has prefixed its devices with C, N and X (to name a few) in an attempt to explain to the consumer what they would be able to expect from the device.

twitterTwitter has landed a major influx of cash to help it expand: The five-year-old social media company said Monday that it has just wrapped up a "significant" funding round led by venture firm DST Global.

Twitter didn't disclose how much it raised. However, Twitter amended its certificate of incorporation forms late last week to authorize the issuance of up to 25 million new shares, priced at just over $16 per share.

Google Africa today announced the "iteration 2.0 of G|Uganda" and G|Kenya, due early next month.

In a blogpost on Google Africa Blog, Brigetter Sexton explained that it is their goal to provide the right people with the necessary skills to make the web better.

"Our goal is to make the web better by giving the right people the skills to improve it. Students, techies, entrepreneurs and businesses are the engine behind what drives the applications, information and content that people in Africa want and use. As Google, we provide just the products and tools to help you get there; G-days are about training you directly," reads the blog.