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twitter-1Twitter is already coming under intense scrutiny from the developer community, after outlawing the creation of new third party clients and, more recently, suggested that more restrictions are coming, and that’s not likely to be helped by Pingdom stumbling upon a clause within the microblogging service’s API Terms of Service which expressly forbids monitoring of its API.

Generally speaking, developers have a vested interest in monitoring APIs, to measure performance trends, gain depth of how it is being used and stay up to date when a service has problems which will affect their apps.

British scientists have created a new social tool that could revolutionize the way messages are sent between smartphones.

‘Chirp’ has been developed by Animal Systems, a business spin-off from University College London (UCL). It works by sending a digitised birdsong, which has been likened to the sound a robotic bird would make, which then prompts other mobiles in reach to download a piece of content.

zuckerFacebook has rolled out several new tools to help with the management and marketing of Pages on the service, Facebook engineer Omid Saadati announced.

The three tools are post scheduling, unpublished page posts and Page admin permissions for third-party apps.

facebookPolice officers in Kenya have been warned by a top official not to spend too much time on the social networking website Facebook while on duty.

Police officers in the country have been using Twitter and Facebook to engage with their neighbouring communities. They have also reportedly used the online services to mobilise support against criminal gangs.

But the district commissioner of Murang'a South, Muktar Ali, has complained that some officers, who have smartphones, are

inye_saheed_hp_475_300According to the 29-year-old entrepreneur, his machine's key selling point is its price - $350 (£225) opposed to around $700 for an iPad.

He believes that, because of this, there is a big market for it in Nigeria and elsewhere in Africa, particularly amongst students.

Deathly-hallows-p2-1Orange, the telecoms giant operational 22 countries in Africa and Middle East, is teaming up with Gameloft, a leading global publisher of digital and social games, to make mobile games and offers available on smartphones and java compatible devices.

This partnership,  Orange says, is part of their commitment to provide digital entertainment and multimedia services to our customers.

Mozilla has released a beta version of the next version of its Firefox browser withfirefox-for-twitter better memory management and significant speed improvements.Mozilla has released a beta version of the next version of its Firefox browser with better memory management and significant speed improvements.

kAGAMESocial media and networking sites like Facebook and MySpace were once seen as a place where pimple-faced youths gathered to share music and photos.

But a radical change in perception and mindsets globally regarding social networking sites such as Twitter has attracted millions of users worldwide.

sapEnterprise software maker SAP has announced plans to launch its widely successful SAP Skills for Africa Program in Kenya to spur the country’s IT skills capacity and further enhance technological innovation.

Speaking at the SAP Forum Nairobi at the Safari Park hotel, SAP East Africa managing director Mr Andrew Waititu said that The SAP Skills for Africa Program is a partnership between SAP and its partners.


pocket_001Samsung are back to basics and they say there's always room for one more in the low end. Especially one that doesn't take too much space. The Galaxy Pocket makes the Galaxy Mini look like it's on steroids and the Y series like a bunch of semi pros.

Life at the bottom of the food chain is far from enjoyable but it can be pretty exciting, and some creatures have figured out how to adapt. They're usually small, fast and good at mimicry. The Galaxy Pocket meets the size requirement, but we'll have to check about the speed. And no, no one will mistake it for a trimmed down S III but some feature phones may be fooled into getting too close.