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01462sz1i28774700New model year security products used to come out in the fall, like new model-year cars. Though, the first 2012 antivirus (G Data AntiVirus 2012 ($29.95 direct, 3.5 stars) turned up way back in May.

It's almost May 2012, so it's time to declare the model year ended and get ready for the 2013 models.


Company registers progress but cautions of "a long road ahead" (pun intended), especially when navigating snow-covered roadways and interpreting temporary construction signals.

Google screws around with a lot of far out, even cockamamie projects -- well, because it can and it's fun. Two good reasons that few can fault.

And it's also a good way to push the proverbial tech envelope. So it is that Google's update about the company's self-driving car project suggests this is turning into something more than Sergey & Larry's homebrew experiment.

The National Information Technology Authority Uganda (NITA-U) has said the construction of an alternative internet cable will start this November. The move will benefit internet users, and act as a safeguard against dependence on a single cable as well as riding internet speed, access and reliability.

iStock_cloud_security_thumb230'Virtual shield' and Smart Protection Network protects assets until patches can be issued, security company claims, Trend Micro has broadened its cloud-based security infrastructure so that its products can receive actionable threat intelligence that lets the security software act like a "virtual shield" against many web-based threats.

wang_1JT Wang has said that if the software vendor moves into the hardware market it will be ‘negative for the worldwide ecosystem’ in computing By Derek du Preez One of the world’s largest computer manufacturers.

Acer, has attacked Microsoft’s plans to launch its own tablet in October, claiming that the move will be ‘negative for the worldwide ecosystem’ in computing.

Online encyclopedia Wikipedia was knocked offline on Monday thanks to two accidentally cut cables near a data centre in Florida.

The site, and various associated services, were inaccessible or extremely sluggish for over two hours.


Precisely on time and target, NASA's Curiosity rover touched down safely on Mars Monday to begin an ambitious two-year trek through a mountainous crater that promises to reveal whether the red planet was ever hospitable to life.

Almost immediately upon landing early Monday, the Curiosity craft transmitted to Earth a series of photographs showing its own wheels safely on the surface of Gale Crater near the equator of Mars.


Citroën has officially launched its C1 Connexion, the first vehicle in the UK produced from crowdsourced ideas gathered via Facebook, making it available to order in three- or five-door versions.

OS_XChanges in the behavior of Save As in OS X Lion and now Mountain Lion make problems for longtime users of Macs.

Many sites reported the "happy" news that OS X Mountain Lion restores the Save As command, which was removed in OS X Lion. For example, TJ Luoma at TUAW describes how to remap the Duplicate command with Save As. However, these cheers are undeserved.


After filing a complaint with the National Arbitration Forum at the end of June, Facebook has obtained the domain name FacebookConnect.com. It was an easy win, of course, because the name ‘Facebook’ is protected and obviously well known.