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airtelpostANTANANARIVO, Madagascar, July 19, 2012/ -- Airtel Madagascar launched its mobile 3.75 platform contributing towards building the largest 3.75G network across Africa. The launch of the platform promises profound changes to how subscribers in the region experience the web on internet-enabled devices.

The improved technology will enhance multimedia functionality, high speed mobile broadband and internet access; allowing  users to make video calls, watch live TV, send and receive emails and download music from the devices.

The convenience of Apple’s wireless streaming technology, AirPlay, is one of theit_photo_180601_52 less heralded features of iOS, but one well exploited by the Pure Contour 200i Air.

As well as sporting a physical dock for compatible iPad, iPhone and iPod devices, the Contour can also play back music beamed wirelessly from Apple’s devices, with no discernible loss of sound quality.

it_photo_180619_52The world of printers isn’t fast-moving, but every so often there’s a genuine leap forward.

We’ve recently seen several inkjets trying to provide the strengths of lasers with mixed results, but the Lomond EvoJet Office pulls it off spectacularly.

With YouTube, anyone with a camera can become an eyewitness reporter in the middle of a political protest. For those mindful about privacy and want to protect their identity, a touch of anonymity has been added.

The video website unveiled on Wednesday a way for users to automatically blur human faces in videos they upload, a feature that would help protect the identities of political dissidents, YouTube parent company, Google Inc, said.

Sony has taken the wrapping off its most obvious iPod Touch competitor yet –300_Walkmanthe OLED-equipped X-series Walkman.

We’ve been hands-on with Sony’s latest addition to the Walkman family at the London launch and, while it’ll have to go some way to beat the all-conquering iPod Touch and iPhone duopoly, we’ve come away impressed.

Sony is emphasising the sheer quality afforded by the new Walkman and, on first impressions, it’s hard to disagree: the unit itself, while small and light, felt more than solid enough to cope with pockets and backpacks, and the four sides of the X-series are covered in a stylish mottled pattern that lends the Walkman a bit of personality aside from the familiar logos plastered all over it.

neotel-300x225Neotel announced the launch of two advancements to its Internet offering for businesses in South Africa, each of which offers customers increased flexibility and the ability to optimise costs and increase the speed of their Internet connection.
Neotel announced the launch of two advancements to its internet offering for businesses in South Africa.

Microsoft has officially announced that the long-awaited Windows 8 operating system will be available to upgraders and new PC buyers alike come October 26, 2012. That is about 14 weeks from now. Microsoft had previously announced an October release, however, the exact date was confirmed on Wednesday by Steven Sinofsky, the president of the Windows and Windows Live unit, at the company’s annual sales meeting.

julian_assange_2010-front1Nearly out of cash, WikiLeaks announced on 18th July that it has found a loophole that will allow it to circumvent a donations blockade imposed by Visa and MasterCard.

The infamous secrets-leaking organization will begin processing donations through a French credit card system, Carte Bleue. WikiLeaks claims Visa and MasterCard "are contractually barred" from cutting off Carte Bleue payments.

dropbox1-640x480Dropbox, the popular cloud-storage service, is investigating whether a security breach is to blame for a recent wave of spam e-mail sent to users.

The company is investigating internally and has brought in an outside team of experts "to make sure we leave no stone unturned," according to a post from an employee on the Dropbox forums.

ipad-2-saidaonlineA UK judge has ordered Apple to publish announcements that Samsung did not copy the design of its iPad, according to the Bloomberg news agency.

It said the judge said one notice should remain on Apple's website for at least six months, while other adverts should be placed in various newspapers and magazines.