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Facebook Messenger games rolls out to everyone. Image Credit: Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger Now Rolling Out ‘Instant Games’ Globally With New Features

On Tuesday, Facebook in a blog post announced its rolling out Instant Games on Messenger to all of its 1.2 billion users and also introducing the new features they previewed/showcased to developers at their recent...

Kids Block Parents’ Facebook Friend Requests

markParents are attempting to befriend their children on Facebook, but many find their efforts to keep tabs on social network activity are blocked, according to a study of online parenting.

Some 16 per cent of parents surveyed said they had tried to become their child’s friend on a social network.. A third of them were rejected however.

Wi-Fi so convenient, but so dangerous. Image Credit: WonderHowTo

7 ways hackers can use Wi-Fi against you

Wi-Fi — oh so convenient, yet oh so dangerous. Here are seven ways you could be giving away your identity through a Wi-Fi connection and what to do instead. Using free hotspots They...
The wearable fitness tracking market is still dominated by Fit bit. Image Credit: WT VOX

Biometric tech tattos can help in fitness tracking

Chaotic Moon Studios, a development firm in Austin, Texas has come up with a new concept of wearable technology. The start up firm has started working on "tech tattoos" integrating sensors...

Xiaomi planing to launch a smartwatch to take on Apple Watch

Xiaomi, which is considered to be the Apple of China is working on its own smartwatch to take on the Apple Watch.

Kenya Leads East Africa in Mobile Money Accounts

A new World Bank report has revealed that Kenya is leading the East African Community in mobile money accounts. According to the report, 58 per cent of adults in Kenya hav have...
Old people are finally going crazy for social media. Image Credit: Mase TV

Social media usage triples in the 65+ age bracket

If you thought old people don't "get" social media, you may want to think again. According to a report by Pew Research Center last month, 35% of all adults aged 65 and older said...

Seacom Moving Into Cloud Computing

Known for its undersea optical fiber cables, Seacom is expected to make their first move into offering cloud services today Thursday 11th April 2013 with the launch of their Pamoja Cloud Services Pamoja...

Western Union Launches Mobile Money Service in Nigeria

Western Union has partnered with an African payment processing specialist, eTranzact, to launch a mobile money service in Nigeria.The US-based company believes the facility will help boost financial inclusion and provide...

Nokia Siemens Networks Provides Energy Solutions

semCommunication Service Providers (CSP) look to streamline their business operations and reduce operating expenditure (OPEX) in an increasingly competitive business market, while also meeting the good corporate governance requirements of today’s environmentally sensitive society, Managed Energy Services is rapidly becoming the key business tool to achieving sustainable results.

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