Recently a friend and I were talking about how it is getting frustrating working for others or rather being employed. And as we mused on about our grievances: we came to an agreement that if we ever wanted to be our own bosses then there is something we would eventually have to look into. That would be; Entrepreneurship. I prefer to call it: Steering own ship.

And not steering one’s ship as would be being employed. However it comes with lots of Challenges… When one is used to finding structure and teams in place; Creating is not easy.

Nelson_TugumeThe long-awaited TV Entrepreneural contest, Inspire Africa will be launched in Kampala tomorrow, Wednesday January 4th 2012. CEO Nelson Tugume, who was also the Overall Winner of the 2011 Young Achievers' Awards is expecting to host "the crème de la crème in business and entrepreneurship" as well as Kampala’s socialites at The Hub, Oasis Mall.

Project Inspire Africa features twenty-four of East Africa’s most talented young entrepreneurs competing for a grand prize of US$ 50,000 worth of business capital.

mobile-broadbandGreater allocation of spectrum for mobile broadband is vital for the economic and social development of sub-Saharan Africa adding $82 billion to the region’s GDP, new findings have shown.

The findings conducted by the GSM Association (GSMA) and Plum Consulting reveal that, across the region, the release of mobile broadband spectrum in the digital dividend and the 2.6GHz bands by 2015 in sub-Saharan Africa could “Create up to 27 million new jobs, increase GDP per capita by 5.2%, which will directly lift 40 million people out of poverty by 2025.”

Ug_mobile_moneyThe rapid expansion of mobile money systems is creating new opportunities for micro and small enterprises (SMEs) - particularly in low-income countries - to access financial services.

To extract the full development benefit, governments need to pioneer new legislation and regulations in order to cement Mobile Money transfer for (SMEs) in Uganda for example where the service has taken off rather on a good note.

pcThe trend is clear: Personal computer sales are slumping while smartphone and tablet sales are booming. But Intel proved on late Tuesday that the PC isn't going away anytime soon.

Semiconductor sales in Intel's (INTC, Fortune 500) PC division rose 22% last quarter, driving Intel's overall revenue to its sixth consecutive quarterly record.That comes despite a lackluster PC sales environment: Overall PC shipments grew just 3.2% globally last quarter, which is well below seasonal averages, according to Gartner.

bloThe Internet in particular and ICT generally are key components in Uganda's efforts to become an information-driven, knowledge based economy.

As more of the world comes online, the Internet offers Uganda an unparalleled opportunity to diversify and become more competitive as a trading nation: to increase entrepreneurialism and employment. Its importance is reflected in government's focus on promoting e-commerce and e-government.

afracaWe recognize the vital role of the Internet and electronic communications in modernizing the disclosure system under the federal securities laws and in promoting transparency, liquidity and efficiency in our trading markets.

Central to the effective operation of our trading markets is the ongoing dissemination of information by companies about themselves and their securities.

Gossy_oGossy Ukanwokwe, is a 23 year old Nigerian based student ,and Founder and CEO of one of Africa’s fastest growing e-learning social networking site – Students Circle.

Ukanwokwe, who is regarded as one of Africa’s top young Technology Entrepreneurs is currently completing a course in Management Information Systems at the Girne American University. Ukanwokwe is extremely passionate about Africa, Education and Technology.

amazonAmazon, which has been said to be the world's largest online retailer , with custom presence in United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Austria, Japan, and China saw consumers spend more than $ 1 billion via mobile devices in the period 2009 - 2010.

Africa is missing from the list of regions where Amazon has a presence and this had led to many ventures seeking to fill this glaring gap.

tranfersUganda’s leading telecommunications operator MTN last month recorded over $200m (Ush520b) in mobile money transfers a sign showing positive growth in the newly invented venture in the country.

The use of mobile money transfer services started in Uganda in March 2009 and participating firms are required to have a robust risk management framework.