Facebook exec says tools can promote small businesses

facebook-small-business-404RET4-xWith more than 500 million members, Facebook is hugely attractive to small businesses as a place to market their wares.

But tips on how small businesses can best work with Facebook tools are buried within the site, leaving many entrepreneurs puzzled about how to use the site to get new clients and strengthen the loyalty of existing customers.

How frequently should a business communicate with its customers? And what is the significance of that "Like" button anyway?


Uganda: Inflation Soaring up – What Next?

 Inflation_Deflation2While inflation represents an overall upward price  movement of goods and services, deflation acts adversely. We take a look at the basics of both.In the most general sense, inflation is a rise in the average price of goods over a period of time. The rate that prices increase is known as the inflation rate. Inflation happens either when prices go up or when it takes more money to buy the same items. Economists typically consider inflation to occur when the prices increase over a period of time rather than from one month to the next.

 Inflation and the Consumer Price Index

Uganda Shilling Notes

Uganda shilling may sink toward record low before poll

Uganda Shilling NotesKAMPALA (Reuters) - The Ugandan shilling is likely to weaken towards its all-time low of 2,400 against the dollar this week as east Africa's third largest economy heads to a presidential election on Friday.

Market players say the shilling could breach the record low if the central bank stays out the market and if the political turmoil in Egypt continues to unsettle trading in emerging markets.


Africa Internet (and Mobile) Entrepreneurs’ Conference 2011

Afriec_Logo_2011_smallResearch studies have discussed the impact of the new media for business and development as including new business models, access to new resources, markets and opportunities for collaboration, and novel approaches to sustaining livelihoods [2-4].

However, these opportunities depend on the ‘capability to function’ – thus the ability of the African entrepreneur to go beyond access to new media and use associated functions and services which empower them in their individual ventures and contribute to sustaining their livelihoods. This capability to function starts from educating and training in the use of new media and hence the objective of this conference.

Clifford Sacks

Renaissance Capital names Clifford Sacks CEO of Africa

Johannesburg, South Africa – Renaissance Capital, the leading emerging markets investment bank, announced that Clifford Sacks is assuming the role of CEO of Africa.

Clifford SacksIn his expanded role, Mr. Sacks will be responsible for the day-to-day management and implementation of Renaissance’s pan-African strategy across all products and entities. In 2011, the Firm will continue to build its presence in Africa, both in terms of market share and geographic expansion.


Video Marketing – The Targeted Traffic Solution

YouTube LogoYouTube took video to unbelievable new heights when they arrived on the net several years ago. Naturally, leave it internet marketers to find other fantastic uses for Youtube and videos. They became a tool for promoting products and services and driving targeted traffic.

If people didn't want video, then none of this would be possible. And the traffic that you can get from creating and distributing your videos on the web can convert really well. It's not just about traffic, you can use video to build customer relationships and develop your brand. Those who learn how to create effective videos are experiencing positive results.

In this article we will be looking into a few video marketing benefits that you should be aware of.

Bing's Welcome Screen is photographic

How Bing is out-innovating Google

Bing's Welcome Screen is photographicGoogle is one of the smartest, most innovative companies in the world, but in its core business -- online search -- it's being routinely shown up by Microsoft's third-place search engine, Bing.

Bing is a surprisingly fast-moving, innovative product -- and it's forcing Google to play play catch-up time and time again.

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