SA: Mobile banking for Greater Heights

SAMobile banking hit the headlines again this month with Visa’s US$110-million (R750-million) acquisition of South African mobile banking infrastructure company Fundamo.

Analysts, Berg Insight, predict the number of global mobile banking users will increase by 59% a year from 55 million users in 2009 to 894 million users in 2015.


5 Key Benefits of the Collaboration Economy

colaboMost of us were raised to be competitive, beginning at a young age in school and sports, and then right onthrough to the business world.

However, at least in business we’re seeing a shift toward companies that play well with others. Both business owners and consumers are looking for better, more sustainable alternatives to “business as usual.”


1 Facebook fan is worth 20 visits to a company’s website, says report

fanThe ROI of social media for businesses is often discussed, but establishing an answer has never been easy.

But Hitwise, the “leader in online competitive intelligence”, has arrived at a very precise formula for establishing the value of Facebook fans.


Analysts Wary of LinkedIn’s Stock Surge

inIn a sizzling debut last week on the New York Stock Exchange, investors sent stock in LinkedIn, the social-networking site for business professionals, soaring 109 percent on its first day of trading.

While the enthusiasm subsided a tad the next day, LinkedIn’s shares still closed the week at around $93, more than twice the company’s initial offering price.


Brands Need a Digital Customer Experience Strategy To Stay Competitive

brand1Once upon a time, companies differentiated themselves almost entirely based on the things they made. Early in the 20th Century, the ability to produce items quickly and efficiently was a key differentiator for corporations that brought affordable products to the masses.

Over time, production processes became so cost-effective that firms looked to streamlining distribution and opening new markets to gain an advantage. But there, too, they reached an efficiency plateau.


Building Youth Economic Empowerment with ICT

AgreyLet us start by agreeing that technology has great promise in increasing the economic empowerment of youth in the developing world. We all believe it. But what is that promise in reality? Which technologies hold greater promise? What innovations work? That was the issue we discussed at the Technology Salon on Youth Economic Empowerment with ICT with Fiona Macaulay and Linda Raftree (Join us at the next Salon)


Online Share Trading: How To Get Started

olineThe thought of buying and selling shares for the first time can be a daunting prospect.

For the absolute novice, it probably conjures up all sorts of images: the hectic dealing room full of frantic bankers barking down and surrounded by flashing screens.


Tanzania: Internet Cafés Under Threat

cafeMobile Internet threats the survival of Internet cafe businesses in the country according to experts. To be able to survive they have been advised to change their business modals or risk being swept out of the market

Available data shows that more Tanzanians are accessing the internet via mobile phones than through computers.


Facebook exec says tools can promote small businesses

facebook-small-business-404RET4-xWith more than 500 million members, Facebook is hugely attractive to small businesses as a place to market their wares.

But tips on how small businesses can best work with Facebook tools are buried within the site, leaving many entrepreneurs puzzled about how to use the site to get new clients and strengthen the loyalty of existing customers.

How frequently should a business communicate with its customers? And what is the significance of that "Like" button anyway?


Uganda: Inflation Soaring up – What Next?

 Inflation_Deflation2While inflation represents an overall upward price  movement of goods and services, deflation acts adversely. We take a look at the basics of both.In the most general sense, inflation is a rise in the average price of goods over a period of time. The rate that prices increase is known as the inflation rate. Inflation happens either when prices go up or when it takes more money to buy the same items. Economists typically consider inflation to occur when the prices increase over a period of time rather than from one month to the next.

 Inflation and the Consumer Price Index

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