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Unknown nubmbers - People block their name from showing up so that you are unaware of who is calling.(Photo Credit: her.ie)

Take the Mystery out of Unknown Numbers

With today’s caller identification technology, it can be easy to know if a trusted person is calling you. Often, businesses allow for their information...

Google Play Instant extends to games, lets users try out games without downloading them

Google announced on Monday that Google Play Instant is coming to games, an exciting feature that will allow Android users to experience a preview of a...
Artificial Intelligence involves using computers to perform tasks normally requiring human intelligence, such as taking decisions or recognizing text, speech or visual images.(Image Credit: Future of Life Institute)

5 Digital Trends for 2018

How will digital trends impact your business in 2018? Exciting changes are on the horizon with creativity, and innovative design taking center stage. Traditionally...
AfDB approves USD$30 million loan to support Rwanda Innovation Fund (RIF). (Photo Credit: VOA News)

AfDB Approves USD$30 Million Loan to Support Rwanda Innovation Fund

The African Development Bank (AfDB) has approved a loan of USD$30 million to support the establishment of the Rwanda Innovation Fund (RIF), which aims...

How live streaming is changing social media for businesses

Remember when your social media feed used to be all about what you’d done in the past? You might have live-tweeted events or shared...