WenaData wins Seedstars Maputo (Mozambique) pitch competition. (Photo Courtesy: Standard Bank MZ | Twitter)
WenaData wins Seedstars Maputo (Mozambique) pitch competition. (Photo Courtesy: Standard Bank MZ | Twitter)

Maputo, Mozambique’s WenaData was the eighth (8th) African startup selected by Seedstars World to participate in their global summit in 2019. WenaData joins 8 other startups from Harare, Accra, Kigali, Kampala, Kinshasa, Nairobi, Dakar, and Bissau.

Seedstars world selected 9 startups from Maputo to pitch, where WenaData emerged winners while Umbrella, Lda and New Tech Lab, Ldt came in 2nd and 3rd positions respectively. Among other startups that pitched included; Startup Africa News, ScripTech Lda, OUTPUT – tech solution, huluka, Cotus, and Marra Lá.

The team from WenaData will travel to Tanzania this December for a 3-day Regional summit, which gathers all the African finalist startups. In presence will be investors, business men and women, mentors and other stakeholders from over 75+ entrepreneurial ecosystems and over 25+ countries.

During the first two days, the most promising startups from Africa will participate in a private Bootcamp and an investor forum during which they will have the occasion to meet with the best mentors and investors of the region in 1on1. While on the last day, will have Keynotes from successful African entrepreneurs, participate in workshops and round-tables on Africa’s burning topics, and finally, all the African startups that were selected throughout the tour, will receive their flight tickets to Switzerland to compete to represent their countries against 65+ other countries for a chance to win over USD$1 million in investment.

WenData is solving a problem where it is difficult to obtain statistical data in Africa, which complicates strategic decision-making for all. Their solution; WenData a tool that, in a simple, remote, ecological and economic way, manages to overcome the problem.

Seedstars World is part of the Swiss group Seedstars and runs the global startup competition covering over 65+ emerging and developing markets, identifies the best seed-stage startups, giving them pitch training and awards the winners with an opportunity to compete at the global Seedstars Summit.