Today, we are now in position to access TV right from our mobiles. By then, you would need to have a TV itself. But with the growing technology, and all the innovation, life is being eased. We don’t have to rush home, just not to miss our favorite show, or our team is playing, or there’s a performing artist live we don’t want to miss, this is where mobile apps come in.

In this article, we shall are looking at the YO TV; that allows us to live stream local TV and Radio channels. However, there are a number of applications on respective app stores that do allow you to access TV right from your phone.

Weighing about 10MBs, the YO TV app is available for download from Google Playstore, and Apple Appstore. However, the platform can be accessible via the web as well. The application has over 10,000+ installs on playstore, and most of the reviews, we managed to go through stressed on the point of data, addition of more channels, appreciation of having only local content and so forth. But we did a review, of our own.

1. Design and User Interface (UI)
The design and the UI of the application needs a lot of work re-done. It is not appealing to an end user at all (as to what I found out). One thing for sure that developers have to always look at while developing these apps is Design and UI. Otherwise you’re on high chances of losing out on end users. I personally look at design and UI a lot when it comes to downloading and having these apps installed on my phone. Our review, we end up giving it a 2.5/5 rating our user rating gave 2/5. The only icon that appears on opening the app is the program line button placed top right corner of the app. Then the menu icon appears top left corner. In the center is the user ‘Personal Information’ as seen from the app – displaying the Device ID, Login, and Email, Welcome Note, and Subscription.

The font as well is so faint. You can barely read anything. End users with eye problem will find this so disturbing.

This is so terrible. I would suggest if at least the program line-up appeared center of the app considering the fact that you can click on the program or channel itself and it opens.

2. Responsiveness and Data Consumption
Turned out that the responsiveness was good. Though at some point it would take long to start up a stream as well as keep skipping frames while video plays, our conclusion on this could be internet. Being a small app is one of its advantages to responded fast. Thus, saw no problems with the responsiveness.

Looking at data consumption, from google app reviews, most users complained on their issue being drained out so fast. But they should understand when it comes to live streaming, a lot of data is consumed. It would be best if you used this on a Wi-Fi network. The app does have an option of using Wi-Fi connections. From the settings tab, you have the option of only live streaming over Wi-Fi.

3. Video Quality
The video quality is set to default. So we don’t know what the quality that could be but the output is still fine. However, it does an option of switching between SD and HD, noting aside that the stream you select can affect amount of downloadable data. This answers the point on draining of data at a fast rate, as well as the responsiveness.

4. Registration and Signing In
When it comes to first time users, you are prompted for a username and a password. So you need to create an account to have these credentials. However, the downside of this is when you click on signup, instead of opening within the app, it opens in a web browser. WHY? Then after signing up and confirming your email, on signing in, you’re asked a username and password. But then you don’t have a username but instead have to use your email – ending up confusing first times. Thus, it would best if they change the labeling from username to email.

It would best if everything was done in the app. And this we are talking about the sign up part.

Final Words
A lot needs to be done to improve the YO TV android app. We don’t know how the iOS app looks like, but if the same, then all need revamping. However, it’s good that the app is promoting local content.