Microsoft has announced the release of a new app for Apple’s iMessage platform, giving users tools to plan events with friends via the messaging app.

Inside the App, “Who’s In,” activities are divided into different categories. You can select options for “Eat and Drink,” or “Visit an attraction,” or even create your own event option. The app uses the Bing search engine to find suggestions of things to do in your area.

Once an event has been selected, you can then enter details like location, name and choose a couple different time options. A custom card for the event is then created which you can then text to your entire group. Instead of having to deal with all the back-and-forth of what time and place works best for everyone, recipients just vote in the app.

The app is for iMessage only, meaning there isn’t standalone iPhone app functionality.

This isn’t Microsoft’s first iMessage app either. The company released iMessage apps for OneDrive, Yammer and Bing last year, plus a sticker pack for Halo players.

Credit: Cult Of Mac