WhatsApp Users Discontented With the Revamped WhatsApp Status, Might Bring Back the Old-Text Based Status


Facebook-owned social messaging platform; WhatsApp late last month rolled out a revamped WhatsApp status update to its mobile apps which is similar to Instagram and SnapChat’s stories. However, looks like the update might be a flop after users were reportedly discontented with the update and criticized the company for copying Instagram and SnapChat.

After the social messaging platform rolling out the update, there was no where to see the old-text based status.

According to online rumors, WhatsApp knowing that the update might flop, it seems the company is working on bringing back the old status feature, giving a choice to users to either use the old text-based status or the newer audio/video/photo/gif based status.

According to WaBetaInfo (@wabetainfo), a Twitter account that tracks changes in WhatsApp’s beta builds, in a tweet says, “WhatsApp listened users and developers will restore the old status, calling it “Tagline”.

WhatsApp Users Discontented With the Revamped WhatsApp Status, Might Bring Back the Old-Text Based Status. Photo by: Nathan Ernest Olupot
WhatsApp users discontented with the revamped whatsApp status, and might bring back the old-text based status. Photo by: Nathan Ernest Olupot

However, WaBetaInfo in another tweet mentioned that the old status was renamed Info following the previous suggested Tagline. The Info section in the app’s beta version will feature an extended menu. Tapping on it will lead the users to their old status menu.

Notably, WaBetaInfo has also revealed that WhatsApp has renamed the Revoke Feature as Unsend.

The feature will be allocated in the menu section on the top right corner of the app will allow users to recall their sent messages. Once users click on the Unsend option, the app asks for a confirmation. When confirmed, the sent status changes to ‘This message was unsent’.

However, the feature will only work if the recipient has not read the message yet.

Both the Old-text based status feature and the Revoke feature, according to rumors might be rolled out to all WhatsApp users as soon as possible.