Afrika Stream, a company that creates digital multimedia content and social networking platforms hosted on local clouds in Africa is set to award members of Rwandan technology innovation and incubation hub, kLab.

In what is dubbed MTN TV ‘Irebere Nawe’ Challenge, kLab members and the whole Rwandan technology community in general will compete by watching and sharing videos in all categories from the MTN Irebere Nawe mobile app.

The competition which will last 5 days, will commence on Wednesday February 8th at 5:30pm and end on Friday February 17th at 5:30pm.

kLab Members with the most views and shares of videos in the different categories at the end of the 5 days will then stand a chance to win a grand prize of 100,000 Rwf (roughly 436,000 UGX) alongside other goodies that come with the challenge.

The grand prize will be given to the person who will have watched the most videos, live TV channels across all the menus and gotten the most people to download and use the app.

Launched in December 2016, the MTN TV App is based on a local cloud concept whereby all content is available locally in Rwanda, which enables users to stream video content at nearly two times faster than non-locally hosted content, saving the customer on buffering time.

In addition to streaming videos, the MTN TV facility provides advertising services on the application to offer clients a yet another platform to advertise their products and services.

The adverts are run as in-app ads or popup ads that appear in the process of streaming or browsing the app menus.

The app is currently available for download on google play store and will be made available for iOS users soon.