Vine-App. Image Credit: Digital Trends
Vine-App. Image Credit: Digital Trends
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Last year on October 27th, Micro-blogging website; Twitter Inc. announced that it would be shutting down its popular six-second video sharing site/app – Vine. However, the company altered its plans and said that Vine would be replaced by a new ‘Vine camera’ app, having similar functionality as the original service.

According to GadgetsNow news, the app will completely shutdown and transform into Vine Camera app on January 17. Twitter says, the new app will allow users to shoot 6.5-second long looping videos and share them directly on their Twitter accounts.

Support for Vine has also been withdrawn and now, users won’t be able to share their posts. However, Vine users were reassured that their previously posted clips won’t be deleted. Vine users would be in position to access and download Vines videos since the website will be kept online. As per a report on 9to5Mac website, it will function as an offline content-creation app.

It was also reported that top Vine creators wanted to save the app, but Twitter blew it.