BlackBerry will turn it's focus to mobile security now. Photo Credit PC Mag

If you are a Blackberry fan, this is not good news!

Yesterday, it was announced that the global rights to the BlackBerry name have been sold to Chinese manufacturer TCL.

TCL currently produces phones under the Alcatel marque, and are behind the DTEK50 and DTEK60.

With the acquisition. TCL, will be able to produce, market, and sell BlackBerry branded phones, as well as provide customer service. What remains of BlackBerry Limited will assist in software and services.

However, the deal has exceptions when it comes to India and Indonesia, where BlackBerry has agreements with local manufacturers, and there’s still a lot of enthusiasm for the BlackBerry brand. It also doesn’t cover Nepal, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka.

Let’s wait and see what TCL will do with the Blackberry brand.