Nokia offices.(Image Credit: valuewalk)
Nokia offices.(Image Credit: valuewalk)

Nokia’s Real-Time Mobile Network Analytics is the industry’s first solution to give operators an end-to-end view of mobile networks from individual subscribers, applications, devices and operating systems, network elements, cells and calls.

The analytics link, the performance of applications and devices to network issues in real-time, effectively making every mobile device part of a network test bed.

This enables operators to pin point potential causes of service degradation much more rapidly than they can today since they no longer need to consult a myriad of tools and correlate the data from them manually.

“Today, we introduce a completely new approach that meets the needs of modern-day operators by providing on-the-fly correlation of network-wide data and its analysis per application, per cell, per subscriber, per device and even per call. In the future we will extend this capability to support fixed networks and Wi-Fi,” Bhaskar Gorti, President of Nokia’s Applications and Analytics business group said in a statement.

The Real-Time Mobile Network Analytics solution integrates three network analytics tools widely deployed by more than 200 operators:

  • Nokia Wireless Network Guardian that provides engineering teams with analytics on applications, network and devices.
  • Nokia Traffica that supports Network Operations Centers by linking application-level analytics to real-time troubleshooting and root-cause analysis in radio and core networks
  • Nokia Network Performance Optimizer that provides deeper, call-level analytics.

The combination of three network analytics tools, sources data directly from radio access and core networks with fewer tapping points than standard solutions.  This reduces the need to expand interfaces for legacy network probes. It also offers open Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that enable operators to use the collected data for their big data strategies.