Recently I was stuck with no access to airtime and internet connection yet I had to make an urgent call, thanks to my MTN royalty program I was able to redeem some free minutes that enabled me make that call. That alone normally wouldn’t lure me into writing such an article but due to the fact that I recently acquired a 4G sim card with 1GB free of data compelled me more to write this article. Yes, you may say am an MTN royal customer, which may be true since it’s the only SIM card that I have but let’s face it, MTN has the most unbeatable service.
Some service providers will claim to provide better and I won’t attempt to go into arms with them but I would rather share with you some offers that MTN Uganda has that you probably didn’t know about.

1.MTN loyalty program *141#
It’s not one of those recent offers but the fact that it saved me last week and probably you forgot about it, the service acts like a bank for every amount of airtime I load. The loyalty programme rewards PayAsYouGo customers with points for using MTN services. For every 100/- you spend, you earn 1 point. Points can be exchanged for free voice minutes and SMS.

2.MTN Voice Bundles *160*1#
MTN recently revised the structure of your voice bundles, the revision meant that in some packages you even get double the talk for the same amount. The list of these amazing bundles is on this link

3.MTN Holla *157#
Introduced back in 2015, MTN holla continues to give you 20 free mbs of data and 50 free SMS between midnight to 5:00 am every day. We all have those days when for some reason we cannot afford data, but with MTN Holla, You find all your WhatsApp in the morning.

4.MTN Night Zone and MTN Zone Bundles *135# and *160*66#
We all love to save, and that just what MTN zone does. With MTN night zone, you are able to make calls for as low as UGX 19 per minute between midnight and 5:00 am, And combining this with the MTN zone bundles, For only 500/- you get 85% discounts on calls during the day and 100% discounts at night. Now that’s discount all day all night.

5.MTN Data Tooti and MTN Night Shift *160*2#
Am always reluctant to update apps on my phone some times because I don’t have enough data, but now with the MTN tooti, with just UGX 300, you can enjoy 50MBs valid for 30 minutes. You can also get 100MBs valid for 60 minutes at only UGX 500. The MTN night shift bundle also allows you 1GB of 4G lightening speed from midnight to 5:00am.

Those are my top 5 MTN offers that I believe make MTN the top and cheapest telecom service provider in the country. Of course I cannot conclude this without mentioning their unrivaled mobile money service, 4G internet speeds, wide area network coverage and more.