Image credit; google
Image credit; google
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Following its parent company Facebook, Instagram is now adding a translation button. Through a post on the image-sharing app, the company announced that within a month, users will be able to translate image captions, comments, and profile bios using a new translate button.

It should also be noted that  Photo and video sharing Social network  recently announced that it now has over 500 million users and of these 300 million use the service daily so this addition will be widely embraced

When you come across a post you want to translate into a language that isn’t your default language, you can hit the “See Translation” button to convert it into the language you’ve chosen in your profile’s language settings.

However this does not mean that  Instagram will support or detect all languages but this is no different to other services out there. The company does explain on its Help website that if a translation isn’t showing up, it might be because the app doesn’t currently support that language or couldn’t detect the initial language being used.