Image Credit: altpress
Image Credit: altpress

Eyes and ears along with the nose, and mouth allow us to see, hear, smell and taste and the fifth sense is touch.

Safety Phones concern the hearing sense only. Did you know the human ear can perceive frequencies from 16 cycles per second (very deep bass) to 28,000 cycles per second (very high pitch)?

Although human hearing has that ability, there are times such as when wearing ear buds and listening to music that that it is necessary to hear and see what is surrounding the user. Safety phones is a set of head phones or earbuds that can be clipped to the user’s clothing in lieu of being placed directly into the ears.

The design intent is to provide consumers with a means to enjoy their music while out and about and still allow them to be audibly aware of what is going on around them. This could/should prevent accidents or attacks. Safety phone also are perfect for sensitive ears.

The new Safety Phones are high-quality 16 mm dome-type driver units for Neodymium magnets to provide enhanced sound quality. The clip-on will work on any part of one’s clothing so one can be aware of the surroundings but still enjoy music. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in Safety Phones.

Courtney Smith, inventor of Safety Phones said, “Safety Phones were designed for every one of us who enjoy listening to music—whether we are exercising, jogging, running, shopping or whatever. They work perfectly and offer an unobstructed awareness of their immediate surroundings.”