Yesterday, Vodafone announced that its mobile money service M-Pesa has surpassed 25 million subscribers worldwide.

The telco revealed that its user base grew by 27.1% in the 12 months to 31 March, driven by launches in Albania and Ghana.

At the moment, M-Pesa is now available in 11 countries.

Subscriber numbers were boosted in particular by market launches in Albania and Ghana, Vodafone said, as well as by its active network of more than 261,000 M-Pesa agents in 11 countries.

“Since 2007, M-Pesa has enhanced the lives and livelihoods of people without bank accounts, giving them access to essential financial services through their mobile phones,” said Vodafone group director of mobile money, Michael Joseph.

Last year, the company entered into a number of partnerships over the last year, rolling out a number of new products and services.

They partnered with the Government of Lesotho to pay welfare grants using M-Pesa, and in Kenya, with the Ministry of Agriculture to pay fertilizer subsidies using M-Pesa.