Image Credit: Softpedia

According to an image posted to Twitter by famed tech leaker Evan Blass (better known by his handle @evleaks), BlackBerry is really hoping you miss tapping away on a smartphone with its own physical keyboard.

The image shows a rendering of BlackBerry’s long rumored Venice smartphone. Based on the render, the phone will have a curved screen that cascades off its sides (similar to Samsung’s Galaxy S6 Edge) and a slide-out keyboard.

That slider design is reminiscent of older Android phones, such as Motorola’s older Droid smartphone, which had a keyboard that slide out from its side. The Venice’s keyboard, however, slides out from the phone’s bottom, which should make it feel more like a classic BlackBerry.

Based on the image, the Venice phone will run a full version of Google’s Android, which means you’ll get access to all of Google’s goods and services including the Google Play Store.

The new phone is expected to hit the market this November and (Blass says) will eventually make its way to all four major U.S. carriers.

Via Yahoo Tech