For the first time since its creation in 2005, Facebook has changed its logo.

When the social network was created, the company’s goal was to have a logo that looked “grown up” in order to be taken seriously, Josh Higgins, the creative director at Facebook told CNBC. “Now that we are established, we set out to modernize the logo to make it feel more friendly and approachable,” he said.

So far feedback on the new logo from Facebook’s 1.44 billion or so users is sparse, and that’s for a few good reasons. Most importantly, the design doesn’t appear to have even rolled out yet — a visit to (logged out) reveals the original logo we’ve known and tolerated for about ten years.

The most obvious difference is the double-story “a” that was swapped out for a single-story character. In general, the letters aren’t quite as bold or tall, and as the design-focused site Brand New puts it, the subtle variations between thick and thin are gone.

So I can bet my dollar that some folks may not notice changes in the finer details, especially since Facebook uses the full logo sparingly, but a trained eye will pick up on the variations after close inspection. Nevertheless, the new version will debut across mobile apps and on the web in the near future.

Credit Engadget, CNBC