IDFThe Israel Defence Forces’s Twitter account in English was hacked on Thursday night, with the hackers sending out a fake tweet warning of a nuclear leak at the Dimona nuclear plant after a rocket attack.

The Syrian Electronic Army claimed responsibility for the hack. The IDF deleted the tweet and vowed to “combat terror on all fronts including the cyber dimension.”

The Syrian Electronic Army has claimed a series of hacks on prominent news websites and Twitter accounts over the past year, including CNN, AP, the Washington Post and the New York Times.

The group, which backs the Syrian government, alleged that coverage of the brutal Syrian civil war by these news outlets were “fake: and biased in favor of the Syrian opposition.

The  tweet came as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu issued an ultimatum to Hamas in Gaza to halt the rocket fire or face a massive Israeli strike.

Israel and terrorists in the Palestinian enclave have been engaged in a series of retaliatory attacks over the past several weeks amid tensions surrounding a massive IDF operation to hunt down two Hamas members in the West Bank Israel says were responsible for the kidnapping and murder of three Israeli teenagers on June 12.

Source: BI