Before the world cup started, I wrote about how Social Media was going bananas about this world cup and the Tweets from the opening match alone can verify why what the hype in these social networks was all about. According to twitter data, over 12.2 Million tweets about the Brazil Vs Croatia Match were recorded, and this is just the beginning, we expect crazier results as we go along.

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The data also shows how nearly every country in the world joined in on the conversation during the course of the match with a lot of reactions and tweets coming in when Brazil equalized. Neymar(@Neymar_Jr) one of the goal scorers recorded a 10 times following during the match alone compared to his daily following with more than 165,000 new followers.

We are expecting a lot more traffic as we go along but for now all we can say is that it was a nice bet to have the Social networks hype over the world cup before the started.