Facebook finally launches “dislike” option


DislikeUsers of popular social network have always wanted the option of disliking a post or comment, the good news is that Facebook has given you the option. The bad news is that you can only use it with messenger.

The Messenger part of the service is getting a giant thumbs-down sticker as part of a free pack released this week.

Stickers were originally introduced in April, but a recent hackathon has resulted in a “Likes” sticker pack that includes a sore thumb, fiery thumb, poke, and lots more.

The new sticker pack is available from the Sticker Store, which is accessible via the smiley face within a Facebook Messenger chat session on the web or mobile apps.

You’ll be able to send your friends as many sore thumbs and thumbs-down stickers as you want to express any dissatisfaction

Credit: The Verge