globethicsThe African Union has launched the the African Online Library on Law and Governance that will provide an online database that offers legal text and secondary literature on the continents law and governance as well as comparisons to other legal systems and judgement.

The project by the African Innovation Foundation and implemented by will be available for access free of charge as the library aims on making the systems of law existing in various African countries: visible, accessible and consolidated.

Speaking during the launch founder and initiator of the African law library Jean-Claude Bastos de Morais said the help in promoting good governance and thus make reality the vision of a continent without war, famine or poverty and ensure all countries have equal footing in the global economy.

“The African Law Library will contribute to this effort by promoting good governance practices, while building a bridge between modern law and customary law to overcome colonial law,” he said.

The AU says it believes the library which was initiated in 2012 and will bring lawyers, the business sector, educators and government together to develop ownership in Africa through multidisciplinary research and interaction on comparative law. The library will also play a part in helping to strengthen predictability for business in Africa and enable African entrepreneurs, start-ups and investors the ability to make quick and informed decisions, driving Africa towards sustainable development.

Credit: allAfrica