Screen Shot 2001-01-04 at 8.16.35 AMLulu is a free iOS app whose design is sleek and black with hot pink banners.  On it, women are rating the men they know and giving them scores. There’s nothing the men can do to keep from getting rated (although Lulu deletes any pre-loaded profile at a man’s request)

The app does not allow men to sign up since you use your facebook account to log in. There are some push notifications, like when someone else rates a guy you’re following, but you can manage them in Lulu’s settings.

The good part is that everyone is kept anonymous so you can dish about guys and feel relatively secure that your intel won’t get traced back to you.

The app also asks for your location so that it show you guys who are nearby as well

The app also reveals his relationship status, age, and where he went to school. Lulu has been growing by targeting queen bees on college campuses.

You can rate men in the categories of Humour, Manners, Ambition, Commitment and Appearance.

Credit: Business Insider