fast-internetMTN Uganda has upgraded its internet speeds to 42Mbps from 21.6Mbps, making it the first company in Uganda and one of the very first in Africa to launch this innovation. This announcement was made on Wednesday 13th March 2013 as the company also announced its successful annual results for the period ending December 2012.

42Mbps is the fastest speed achievable on a 3G+ network, giving MTN customers twice the speed and power to browse the internet.

“This is double the speed that any other mobile operator in Uganda provides and it is the reason we will be considered the data provider of choice in 2013 and beyond,” said Ernst Fonternel, Chief Marketing Officer MTN Uganda.
Fonternel explained that 42Mbps means MTN customers can now do more in less time, allowing them to download movies in less time, send high volume files in an instant, use video chat applications without breaks and stream videos without buffering.

“These benefits translate into an improvement in e-commerce, e-governance, e-learning and on line collaboration,” said Fonternel.

Over the last two years, MTN has made major investments to its data infrastructure in Uganda. MTN Uganda launched the first mobile money service in Uganda with tremendous success, introduced 3G+, expanded the mobile distribution foot print, and greatly enhanced the mobile core, radio capacity and infrastructure technology.

Furthermore, it extended the fibre network backbone and built five regional switching centres in the East, West, North and Central regions. MTN also built a fibre optic line through Katuna into Rwanda, providing an alternative data capacity route into Uganda.