ICT JobsUgandan professionals in the sector of information and communication technology (ICT) have been promised jobs by the Government of Mauritius as one of its initiatives for improving partnership with Uganda. This was revealed during a press conference at the media centre with Ugandan trade minister Amelia Kyambadde at the Media Centre.

The Mauritius minister for trade, commerce and consumer corporation, Cadel Sayed Hossen said that they will offer employment to Ugandan IT proffessionals because of the booming IT sector in Mauritius. He, however, could not reveal the available number of opportunities, but promised to establish the exact figures to enable more Ugandans go for them.

He also said that his country has resolved to strengthen its partnership with Uganda as one of her key trading partners and is already working on arrangements to help various Mauritius business companies to come and invest in Uganda.

“There are major companies that are planning to come here and invest in Uganda’s energy and manufacturing sectors as well as other sectors. We shall also share experiences on economic growth,” Sayed said.

The magnitude of trading between the two countries has been increasing in the recent years, said Kyambadde.

“Our exports to Mauritius have increased from $1.1m in 2005 to $2.7m in 2012, while our imports from Mauritius have increased from $9.2m in 2008 to $9.8m in 2012,” Kyambadde said.

A joint committee has been put in place to examine and provide solutions to the non-tariff barriers as a move aimed at improving the magnitude of trade between the two countries. this committee will address the existing bottlenecks that are hindering trade between the two countries. which include standards, customs procedures and international trade promotions.

Credit: The New Vision