Anyhow this allusion was one that grabbed a lot of attention from the Social Media Week that was on last week.

But why?

We are relational beings. We are because those before us related. The next generation to come will be because we related. Whether it is relating in the real sense, or about being on social networks: In the end we are still in each other’s business [my definition of relating] .

Women and men relate differently in all spheres of life. Women and Men relate differently on social networks, they have to right?

Helwn Nowicka is the head of digital/EMEA Social Media at Portville. According to her:  “The relationships between men, women and social media, and the relationships we have between friends in social media. Men and women are both very active on social networks, but what we’ve found five trends that really show different online behaviors reflecting their offline preferences”

While the study used findings from Germany Spain Portugal, Belgium, Netherlands, UK and France;  the insights were rather interesting.

First up:

Women are more socially active than men:

Women actively access social media at least once a week! Well, let us say:  at-least thrice a day. That sure does sound more familiar, now doesn’t it?  Compared to the men.

Secondly: Women are more likely to connect with the people that they know:

Women strengthen friendships through social media. They are more likely to connect with people that they already know. Unlike the men, who are always on pursuit.

Men are more likely to display status or opinions in social media:

Not that I am against the display of opinions or anything but that women are a little cautious  about saying what they are doing, what they think about what is going on . Or they may say it, but not assert themselves as the men would. According to the research done, women prefer to participate in communities, share information, engage in conversation, while men are more linear in their conversation. Men are also competitive in their conversation on Social networks. [Their ego issues always catch up with them  now, don’t they?]  They contribute more to the online content. Apparently 15% of the content on Wikipedia has been uploaded by women.

All in all, women and women are different, as different as a black cup and a red plate. What they have in common as the clay or glass the crockery is made of is the body function; Flesh and blood. That calls for understanding that we are different, and it shows everywhere we go and with whomever we interact with.

CREDITS: The Next Web