Ying and Yang are more fast-paced offensive based fighters, while Evil Ryu shares most of the same move-set as his traditional counterpart however he’s ramped up with the same ass-kicking power as Akuma. Newcomer Oni kind of resembles a non-evil Akuma but is mixed with a touch of Gouken’s power move-set to create a slightly less powerful but more defensive based fighter.

Next up the current characters have all had a rebalancing making each character either feel like they’ve been totally nuked or boosted with power. Hopefully this creates a more level playing field for online however it seems Capcom has forgotten to balance the new characters. What this results in is everyone using these brand new characters and seemingly overpowering the older generation of characters we are used to in Street Fighter IV.

That’s if you can find a decent enough match in the online aspect of the mode. I’m quite new to the Street Fighter IV series so going online I expected a few helpful guys wishing to teach me some of the more core gameplay tips for the game. However each time I tried to ask someone for a helping hand I was either sent a tirade of abuse calling me a noob and then subsequently them KOing me in a matter of seconds. It seems the online community of AE is more obsessed with racking up their win percentages than helping out a potential future player.

Also being brand new to the game sees a strong learning curve to master. I only had a controller to play the game and it seems some of the characters Supers and Ultras are near impossible to bust out properly. Maybe it’s my lack of knowledge or slow input which was the problem but over half the time an Ultra that required me to input two semi-circles I ended up just jumping in the air rather than landing some impressive looking combo. I’d recommend a fight stick for anyone looking to invest some serious hours into the series if you haven’t already.

Super1There is one way you can learn about how each character handles though and that’s through the newly revamped replay centre. There is now a ‘Elite’ channel for you to follow showcasing the very best Super Street Fighter IV players in the world and replaying their matches. If you want to try and pick up some tips from the pros, or even just marvel in their skill, then you can replay their most recent battles and see how they tackle each character. It’s a great feature, one that not only creates a very in-depth teaching cycle but also one that prove rather entertaining. I spent countless hours just watching other people’s fights and how they remarkably came back from near death to pip the fight in their favour.

Source: VGLoaded News