Pricelist Homepage

Launced on March 3, 2011, Pricelist is a platform for vendors to place their products and contact details, including their physical location. Shoppers are then able to get instant and detailed information on the products their prices, vendors and their location upon running a search, without paying any service charges. 

“The website is driven by a vision to be the best source of information on products, their prices and availability in Kenya. It is designed to empower shoppers with information on the products they desire to purchase,” said Elvis Bando, the company’s Managing Director.

“Shoppers are able to see the various prices of various vendors, discover new vendors and new locations and to establish the specifications of the products. A rating of the products and the vendors appears next to each, giving the shoppers an opportunity to take advice from earlier ones. Upon purchasing, they too can review the products, vendors or both.

“By utilising the website, the shopper is assured of value for money and incredible convenience,” Bando explained.

The search engine is designed to feature a wide range of products, thereby locking out no vendor from posting their products. By visiting the homepage, a vendor will be able to apply for an account from which they can then place their products’, contact and location details. They can add, remove or update existing products as well as modify any other information to keep it precise and up-to-date. Vendors also get reviews and recommendations for their shops and products from the users of the website. This hence translates to increased publicity, improved brand visibility and enhanced PR, elements that every successful business needs. Utilizing the website ensures a vendor’s increased reach to potential shoppers.

You can read our exclusive interview with Mr. Elvis Bando in Issue 2 of PC Tech Magazine, due this month.