This article was written by an independent fan of PC Tech, and does not necessarily represent the views of PC Tech Communications Ltd.

PC Tech is the most contemporary Technology magazine in East Africa. Yet the youngest! That’s an interesting scenario. But it has a very smart team behind it.

When we released the first issue, someone remarked on I-Network, a popular ICT forum in Uganda, that we were flooding the market with technology magazines.

At that time, we chose not to respond because we judged it was too early. But what, in fact we intended to communicate was that we were not competing with any of the magazines on the market at that time.

Our emphasis was quality: We set out to publish a better magazine than any other in the region. Todate, we’re leading the market… and it shows.

Innovation is our major strength. And we emphasize that every month, we’ll have a new and outstanding innovation. Whoever tries to emulate/mimic us will just have to remain… er… in our shadow!!!

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